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The Beijing Story

BAIC has, over the last 60 years, revolutionised the motor industry in China to become the 5th largest automobile manufacturer in China, offering the largest commercial vehicle range and holding a leading position in the new energy vehicle market. The Beijing range itself leads the way in the SUV market and has become the prototypical off-road vehicle in China. Innovation, design and technology are the cornerstones of the Beijing brand and this has successfully been achieved in collaboration with Daimler through the ‘Beijing Benz’ joint venture. Beijing has always been committed to the spirit of ingenuity to create the most powerful, quality vehicles in the off-road and SUV markets. The new Beijing X55 excels in its styling, power, technology-rich specifications, safety and comfort.


LED Lights

The BEIJING X55 comes standard with LED Headlights, LED Daytime running light, LED Taillights and LED Turning signals to ensure that you have high visibility and ensures other drivers on the road are also able to identify you.

Inductive Hidden Door Handles

The sports car door handles are design to significantly reduce side wind resistance. The doors automatically unlock when you approach the vehicle initiating the hidden door handles to pop out. The door handles Anti-Pinch design makes them user friendly and ensures the handles do not close on your hands. The X55 also comes with an Ice-breaking mode which unfreezes the handles should they be frozen in extremely cold conditions.

Sporty Split Rear Wing

The X55 is designed with a split rear wing which helps the car remain stable at high speeds. The car has been designed with an ultra-low wind resistance and a drag co-efficient 0.32 which is one the best in its class.

Hexagon/Crystal Grille

The BEIJING X55 has been nicknamed the “Mofang” which stands for Rubik’s Cube in the car’s country of origin. This is evident when you look at the edgy design of the vehicle’s front grille along with the front headlamps which have a crystal-like shape to reflect this Rubik’s cube inspired look.


Panoramic Sunroof

The BEIJING X55 comes with an optional Panoramic Sunroof that has intelligent sensors that automatically close the Panoramic Sunroof and Windows when it is raining or when the vehicle is moving at high-speeds.

Aircraft Style Gear Lever

The Ergonomic Design of the Aircraft Style electronic gear shift lever is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. It provides excellent grip and ensures driver comfort when selecting gears.

Space-Engine Style Air Vents

The Space-Engine style air-vents allow for the air-conditioner to let air flow freely throughout the car. The X55 also comes standard with a Pollen Filter air purification system that uses a CN95 filter element to ensure a clean environment

Digital Infotainment System

The BEIJING X55 comes standard with a Digital Infotainment system that is has WIFI, DA Host (radio, local music, Bluetooth, mirror phone connection) and includes Android and iOS compatibility. The Digital Touch Infotainment system can be controlled both on the screen and through the use of the multi-functional steering wheel.

Digital Dash Display

The X55 now comes standard with a digital dash display that ensures you know all the information you need to about your drive, making it a whole lot more memorable. A multifunctional steering wheel puts control at your fingertips.

Zero Gravity Bucket Seats

The sporty interior the BEIJING X55 comes standard with supercar inspired sports bucket seats. They can optionally opt for the electronically 4 way adjustable seat configurator with 3 memory options


The Magic Core 1.5T Engine and 7-Speed DCT 380 Transmission

The BEIJING X55 comes with a 1.5T engine that produces 130KW and 305NM of torque which is driven through the front wheels. The engine has been voted in the Top 10 best engines in China in 2021. The Magic Core engine is driven through a 7-Speed DCT Transmission that accelerates the car from 0-100 in 7.8 seconds, which is one of the quickest in its competitive class. The gearbox has in 2022 been voted in the Top 10 best gearboxes at the Longpan Cup and that is why we call our powertrain the “Double Top 10 Powertrain”.

Driving Modes

With 4 different Driving Modes, the versatile BEIJING X55 suits every adventure. The car comes standard with ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and the new SMART mode, which learns your driving style and patterns and automatically sets a driving mode to suit your driving behaviour.

BMFA Architecture 2.0 Generation Chassis

The BEIJING X55 comes with the latest Beijing Modular Functional Architecture chassis, which ensures that the car is sporty yet comfortable.


Beijing X55 Dynamic

R420 900

Beijing X55 Elite

R450 900

Beijing X55 Premium

R480 900